Keith and Precious are both so extraordinary and down-to-earth. I must admit that their wedding was one of my favorites for 2017. From their e-session straight up to their gorgeous wedding day, it was all such a joy. Keith told me that he met Precious at The Bahamas Detention Centre after coming from a lunch break. He was amazed by her beauty and just couldn't get his mind off of her. They both later connected on Instagram and since then the magic of love began. He also said that to this day he is forever grateful.

I’ve also became great friends with the duo since. They have both assisted me heavily on a recent project that I cannot wait to share. I had an amazing time photographing the moments and memories so I’ve decided to share them with you. Congratulations again to Keith and Precious! I wish you both all the best on your union and a lifetime of moments like this.

Bride’s makeup: Yiesha Forbes Beauty | Bride’s hair: Salon Boutique | Bride’s gown: Brides of Florida | Bouquet: Terez McKenzie, Symone's | Bridesmaid’s dresses: Jenny Too | Rings: Blue Nile | Groom’s suit and shoes: Kedar Clarke, KIS Bespoke | Groomsmen suits: Mike's Tailoring | Ceremony: St. Cecilia's Catholic Church | Portraits Venue: National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

MUDDA-SIK Editorial ft. muse Yannique Forbes

Yannique Forbes is the current winner of The Next Face, a YouTube series produced by Shawn Hanna, where aspiring Bahamian models compete to be the next face of his brand. Yannique is 16 years old and is continuously expressing her deep passion for the art of modeling. She has recently been spotted in two major runway shows in The Bahamas: Bahamas Fashion Week and Runway Exuma. 

This project was created for an upcoming magazine and I was told to produce something that gives "Best of the Bahamas". I think I sat down and contemplated about this for about a day or two. Literally... I then went to my Facebook friends (who are usually very helpful) to get their opinions. I believed that when hearing the phrase "Best of the Bahamas" automatically you think sun, sand and sea. However, I wanted to take this editorial in the opposite direction. I envisioned a Bahamas that most visitors to the island do not get to see. I wanted something more gritty, less modern with lots of feelings.

We began the editorial at a bus stop in Englerston, to an old abandoned gas station and well/water pump in Bain Town and then to the streets of Downtown. Yes, I knew that most visitors to The Bahamas go Downtown however I wanted to give it a more "street-style" vibe which I think the team accomplished. 

Being a creative at heart, I must admit that this project has to be the best I've done for 2017. With an amazing muse like Yannique who completely transformed on this day by such a unique glam team, I don't think we could've went wrong. To put the icing on the cake, the shoot was superb and I photographed it using natural light only.


 Photographer + Director:  Shawn Hanna    Co-Director: Amaal Dorsett  MUA:  Shauna Ferguson    Styling:  ShoptheCC   Hair:  Lovette Bethel  / Hair sponsored by  Amani Hair   Designer:  Anthea Bullard   Grips: Malik Fernander and Teneisha Alexis   

Photographer + Director: Shawn Hanna

Co-Director: Amaal Dorsett

MUA: Shauna Ferguson

Styling: ShoptheCC

Hair: Lovette Bethel / Hair sponsored by Amani Hair

Designer: Anthea Bullard

Grips: Malik Fernander and Teneisha Alexis


Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Contestant Ashley Hanna Portrait Session

As a huge supporter of pageants, I was more than elated to take on the opportunity of photographing Miss Universe Bahamas delegate Ashley Hanna -- and of course being a 'Hanna' she kilt it! 

Ashley's mentor Cardell McClam, who is also a fashion designer, had surely set up the perfect team to ensure that her portrait session was bomb -- with Yiesha Forbes Beauty on makeup and upcoming Stylist, Wilnique Hart what could've possibly went wrong... Well except for when we went for refreshments for the shoot and Cardell picked me up a diet coke.... 

Nevertheless, we began the thrilling day with the very creative Popopstudios as backdrop where we shot Ashley's first look. Then along to Downtown Nassau and the Towne Hotel for her second. Ashley's stellar beauty and poise brought life to each image take after take after take. 

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Photographer: Shawn Hanna
Muse: Ashley Hanna
MUA: Yeisha Forbes Beauty
Stylist: Wilnique Hart
Grip: Alyx Carey



In the words of Audrey Hepburn, "Elegance is a true beauty that never fades."


Those words define Ryan as she graced the entire day with her beauty and bubbly personality. I think Caleb made an excellent choice when asking her to accompany him to prom. Caleb kinda reminded me of myself, he was very calm, easy going and a gentleman at heart. Everyone was all "googos and gagas" when he walked into the house with a bouquet of pink flowers for his date.

The day was so much fun especially with Ryan's mom Heather and Caleb's dad Cecil. I've known Heather before then so I had already knew what to expect. She is joyous, caring and a diva at heart. How can you not love her? Cecil was a ball of energy and excitement. He told me I was a slow driver after trying to follow behind them to get to Executive Flights. 

Yes one (1) out of our three (3) different locations all selected by the parents. We began at Balmoral where Ryan got dressed, then to Executive Flights and lastly to Carefree in Cable Beach. Oh and we were also suppose to shoot at Fort Charlotte (4th location) but it had already gotten too late.  

Overall, I must admit that I enjoyed this experience -- especially because it's my first for the prom season. Thank you to everyone that assisted in making Ryan and Caleb's prom day come to life. Oh and by the way Ryan won best dressed in her Theodore Elyett custom made dress!

Photographer: Shawn Hanna (Me)
Assistant: Sherkeem Rahming
Dress: Theodore Elyett
Makeup: D'angelo Bethel of Bliss Wax Boutique
Hair: Yellow Strawberry
Locations: Balmoral, Executive Flights and Carefree


It's crazy how long me and Kendrick has been planning to collaborate!

I am so happy that we were finally able to turn talk into action and deliver this series that we had so much fun creating. We didn't have any exact theme in mind, but I knew that I wanted loads of colors with a very contemporary feel.

Kendrick being the amazing model he is, was able to swiftly pull out a few pieces that worked perfectly after we had put them together. We shot at Silk Studios for a few hours with lots of energy and great music. 

I'm very proud of what we produced and I look forward to more projects with Kendrick!


Model: Kendrick Kemp

Location: Silk Studios

Stylist: Shawn Hanna (me)