Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Contestant Ashley Hanna Portrait Session

As a huge supporter of pageants, I was more than elated to take on the opportunity of photographing Miss Universe Bahamas delegate Ashley Hanna -- and of course being a 'Hanna' she kilt it! 

Ashley's mentor Cardell McClam, who is also a fashion designer, had surely set up the perfect team to ensure that her portrait session was bomb -- with Yiesha Forbes Beauty on makeup and upcoming Stylist, Wilnique Hart what could've possibly went wrong... Well except for when we went for refreshments for the shoot and Cardell picked me up a diet coke.... 

Nevertheless, we began the thrilling day with the very creative Popopstudios as backdrop where we shot Ashley's first look. Then along to Downtown Nassau and the Towne Hotel for her second. Ashley's stellar beauty and poise brought life to each image take after take after take. 

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Photographer: Shawn Hanna
Muse: Ashley Hanna
MUA: Yeisha Forbes Beauty
Stylist: Wilnique Hart
Grip: Alyx Carey