In the words of Audrey Hepburn, "Elegance is a true beauty that never fades."


Those words define Ryan as she graced the entire day with her beauty and bubbly personality. I think Caleb made an excellent choice when asking her to accompany him to prom. Caleb kinda reminded me of myself, he was very calm, easy going and a gentleman at heart. Everyone was all "googos and gagas" when he walked into the house with a bouquet of pink flowers for his date.

The day was so much fun especially with Ryan's mom Heather and Caleb's dad Cecil. I've known Heather before then so I had already knew what to expect. She is joyous, caring and a diva at heart. How can you not love her? Cecil was a ball of energy and excitement. He told me I was a slow driver after trying to follow behind them to get to Executive Flights. 

Yes one (1) out of our three (3) different locations all selected by the parents. We began at Balmoral where Ryan got dressed, then to Executive Flights and lastly to Carefree in Cable Beach. Oh and we were also suppose to shoot at Fort Charlotte (4th location) but it had already gotten too late.  

Overall, I must admit that I enjoyed this experience -- especially because it's my first for the prom season. Thank you to everyone that assisted in making Ryan and Caleb's prom day come to life. Oh and by the way Ryan won best dressed in her Theodore Elyett custom made dress!

Photographer: Shawn Hanna (Me)
Assistant: Sherkeem Rahming
Dress: Theodore Elyett
Makeup: D'angelo Bethel of Bliss Wax Boutique
Hair: Yellow Strawberry
Locations: Balmoral, Executive Flights and Carefree